Fast Office Logistics remove and relocate your office

Moving Excellence Forward

Office relocation and churning can prove to be a difficult and complex operation. Fast Office Logistics are able to offer a single source solution for all of your removal and storage needs.

FOL move, store, relocate and refit. We Specialising in relocation, we have the expertise to help you plan and facilitate all aspects of your move.

Office Relocations/Churns

FOL have experienced personnel trained in executing relocations and reconfigurations or churns, whether it’s within your existing premises or into new premises. Our vast experience with Churning Offices enables us to help plan the job and complete the task quickly and efficiently.

I.T Relocations

FOL are experienced in ensuring that I.T equipment is packed/labelled and protected before being placed into the provided crates with flat screens placed into protective bags.

Project/Move Management

FOL Project Managers are more than happy to work closely with the clients facilities team to ensure that the project runs smoothly.